We created a four-block pedestrian walkway that connects the famous Magnolia Silos to the shops and restaurants on Austin Avenue. By connecting The Silos with the rest of downtown, we hope to create a more walkable environment that encourages people to explore Downtown Waco, whether it is your first time visiting or you’re a Waco local.

To create the walkway, we removed 4 blocks of street parking and expanded the sidewalk with temporary paint that is protected by barriers. This two-month installation includes wayfinding signage to help you get around downtown, and fun quotes to make your walk more interesting. Be sure to snap a pic!

While we did remove on-street parking, we worked with the City and local businesses to add more parking downtown than there was before! An additional 231 parking spaces have been added to the downtown area. Find an open spot and then hop on the pathway to explore!

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